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February 7, 2017

Ask the Expert – Why Motive?

Let me tell you why the concept of MOTIVE will change your life.

Here’s a quick thought for you that I hope makes a lot of sense.

Unless you’ve been a stranger to the Color Code system, or if perhaps you only know us casually because you took Color Code Profile out of curiosity (or something like that), you know that we are all about understanding people’s MOTIVES.

Motive is everything to the Color Code. It’s our “secret sauce,” if you will. (Psst – don’t tell anybody I told you that!) 😉

But it’s true. That’s what we are all about.

For some people, the concept of Motive seems a little strange, because it’s not what they are used to seeing. If you’ve done a DiSC assessment, or MBTI, or StrengthsFinder, or if you took a quick personality test online to see what kind of dog you are, etc., you’ve experienced a BEHAVIOR-based assessment.

(I’m a golden retriever on the dog test, in case you’re curious. Haha!)

Let’s think about this, though…

Have you ever behaved in a way that was inconsistent with the way that you actually felt about something? Of course you have!

You might even do that every single day.

The truth is that we tend to judge ourselves based on our motives (our inner workings), but we judge others based on their outward behavior, because that’s all that we can see.

…or is it?

What if you could develop the ability to look beyond a person’s behavior so that you can truly “get” them?

What if you could look through your 4-year-old’s tantrum to know what is actually going on? What if you could wrap your mind around your boss’s rant, so that you could hear him/her objectively? What if you could really understand why someone you love so much is being so difficult — or so distant?

Well, you CAN with the Color Code. The secret is MOTIVE, and that’s what we teach. It’s not rocket science either. It’s simple and it works!

Start looking beyond behavior and begin learning about MOTIVE. You will transform your relationships. You will change your LIFE!

Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy Daniel is the Vice President of Training for Color Code. He leads our Trainer Certification Program and has been teaching the Color Code and delivering motive-based applications to clients internationally since 1998.