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May 18, 2017

Quick-Start Guide to Becoming a Better Leader

There are numerous ways to increase your effectiveness as a leader. You could work on improving your own efficiency. You could learn how to think more strategically. You could work on developing specific emotional intelligence talents. You could get more time management training, etc., etc. But, in reality, does anything really matter more than your success in helping the people you lead to grow, collaborate and achieve on a higher level? If that's true, one of the best ways to "move the needle" in your own leadership efforts can be to simply have a personalized plan for the individuals you work with. That's why I've

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Quick-Start Guide to Becoming a Better Leader
April 18, 2017

3 Essential Steps for Healthy Personal Change

Have you ever seen this kind of story play out either in your own life or in somebody else's? Let's say there's a woman named Nicole who is unhappy with life. She just really doesn't feel very successful, so she vows to change. She ends up taking massive action and focusing like she never has before. Things start to change for Nicole, and she starts stacking up victories. Her persistence eventually leads her to achieve great financial success! ...But she's still not happy, and she can't figure out what went wrong. Do you know someone like Nicole? My guess is that you've probably seen something like that played out before. Of cours

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1. Get Yourself. 2. Value Yourself. 3. Get Over Yourself.
March 15, 2017

Parent Like a Red: 7 Tips for Raising Amazing Children!

Dear Jeremy, As a high Red, What sorts of positive traits do I bring to parenting? (I'm very well aware of the obstacles/negative traits). I really struggle to feel fulfilled at home with little kids, especially because I have a high-powered job that I find exciting and challenging ... but I also want to be happy on the weekends when I'm home with my kids! Thanks!! Lisa C. ==================== Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for asking this question! I've been married to a wonderful Red for over 18 years. We have four kids who adore her; however, sometimes she doesn't see the same value in herself as they see in her. Sound fami

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Ask the Expert
February 7, 2017

Ask the Expert – Why Motive?

Let me tell you why the concept of MOTIVE will change your life. Here's a quick thought for you that I hope makes a lot of sense. Unless you've been a stranger to the Color Code system, or if perhaps you only know us casually because you took Color Code Profile out of curiosity (or something like that), you know that we are all about understanding people's MOTIVES. Motive is everything to the Color Code. It's our "secret sauce," if you will. (Psst - don't tell anybody I told you that!) ;) But it's true. That's what we are all about. For some people, the concept of Motive seems a little strange, bec

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