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May 25, 2017

Letting Go of Control — A Blue’s Story

I learned I am a Blue personality before I took the test on a dating site where I met my wife. In an attempt to help people find someone compatible (or maybe it was just a great way to start a conversation), the dating site had the Color Code test. This was my first introduction to the Color Code and began my journey, where I have discovered three (actually many more) things about being a Blue. 1. I’m Motivated by Intimacy I learned I am a Blue before I even took the test. I only had to read the description, “motivated by intimacy” to know that was me. I want to know people. I hate the “How’s the weather?” type conversation. I w

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Letting Go of Control — A Blue's Story
February 7, 2017

Ask the Expert – Why Motive?

Let me tell you why the concept of MOTIVE will change your life. Here's a quick thought for you that I hope makes a lot of sense. Unless you've been a stranger to the Color Code system, or if perhaps you only know us casually because you took Color Code Profile out of curiosity (or something like that), you know that we are all about understanding people's MOTIVES. Motive is everything to the Color Code. It's our "secret sauce," if you will. (Psst - don't tell anybody I told you that!) ;) But it's true. That's what we are all about. For some people, the concept of Motive seems a little strange, bec

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January 27, 2017

A Fresh Way of Looking at New Year’s Resolutions

As we plunge into 2017, one of the most frequently asked questions we see is, "How can I finally stick to my New Year's resolutions?" It's a good question, and there is a lot of advice out there online. Some of it is really great, and some of it is, well, not so great. As our expertise centers around the Color Code Personality System, I'd like to add my two cents on how to help with resolutions from our perspective. Our perspective is always "MOTIVE." Motive is all about why we do the things we do, and it definitely ties into how we pursue our resolutions. Too often during this time of the year, we sit

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June 29, 2014

Ask the Expert

What do these Colors mean anyway? I recently had a person ask me if I could better explain what these four Colors are so that she could better understand how this whole system works and how to apply it to her life. Most people, she said, just hear about "Red," "Blue," "White," and "Yellow" and then a few behavioral qualities that describe what each type is like. She also wanted to know what the Colors themselves mean. I thought this was such a great question! It's at the heart of Dr. Hartman's theory, and I probably too often assume that everybody understands it already. So here's my quick lesson on MOTIVES. Whenever I deliver

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