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March 28, 2017

5 Ways Yellow Parents Are Awesome

In our last “Ask the Expert” post, Jeremy Daniel responded to a woman who wanted to know what strengths she brought as a parent as a Red. This woman said she was very well aware of her limitations. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and it may be very easy to see your limitations as a parent while being somewhat blind to your strengths. I have two wonderful parents, one Blue and one Yellow. As a Blue myself, it’s very helpful to have a Blue mom who is sensitive to my emotional needs and who appreciates and understands me. I could g

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5 Ways Yellow Parents Are Awesome
March 14, 2017

Do Personality Tests “Profile?”

As more and more companies are using personality tests as recruitment and management tools, the question arises, “Do these tests profile?” According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of profile includes, “…the extent to which an individual exhibits traits or abilities as determined by tests or ratings.” So, in the very strict sense of the word, the answer is yes. However, the way in which the question is asked often indicates that personality testing is negative and intrusive — a violation of our most personal self, and perhaps that is the issue that should

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Do Personality Tests Profile?
March 7, 2017

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Yellows

It’s hard not to love a healthy Yellow. Even if you can’t keep up with their spontaneity, they sure are fun to have around. Yellows love life, which is something a lot of people hope to achieve. While every color has many qualities to admire, today’s post will focus on what we can learn from the Yellow personality. For the worried Blue readers out there, the intense Red readers and the indifferent White readers, let’s take a page out of a Yellow’s book and learn more about why life is so fun for them. Yellows are fun-loving The Yellow Driving Core Motive is fun. Yellows properly define fun. Fun means enjoying s

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February 21, 2017

A Guide to Productivity for Yellows

If it were up to a Yellow, their days would be filled with fun. Unfortunately for them, life requires a lot of work, which isn’t always a hoot. Although Yellows have absolutely fantastic strengths, they also have limitations to work on. Some of their limitations that may prevent them from successfully fulfilling the work required by life include their lack of commitment, their disorganization and their undisciplined nature. If you’re a Yellow who struggles with any of the above, have no fear! This article will give you tips to manage your time and combat these limitations. Yellows are uncommitted: Yellows woul

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