Who are Color Code Certified Independant Trainers?

Each person listed in this directory not only brings a wealth of experience in coaching, training and management , but they have gone through rigorous training process to become certified trainers for the Color Code’s Interpersonal Skills Workshop.

From them you will learn all of the ways you can use the power of Color Code Personality Science to build your interpersonal skills and understand those around you.

Why are Interpersonal Skills Important?

According to studies:

  • 85 percent of your financial success is due to your interpersonal skills inclucing personality; ability to communicate, negotiate and lead.
  • One in two people have left their jobs to get away from bad relationships at work.
  • Employees who have a bad working relationship can be a staggering 70% disengaged. That means for every one engaged employee, nearly 3 are disengaged.
  • Divorce rates in the US are as high as 46% for first time marriages.

How do I develop my interpersonal skills?

Just click on the location button to your right, and find the Color Code Certified Trainer who is right for you!