Team Builder


Color Code International has been providing world-class training workshops, keynote speeches, and team building events for over twenty-five years. If you are looking for a speaker, trainer, and/or facilitator for an upcoming event, we have highly qualified professionals on staff who will absolutely deliver the results you are looking to achieve - every time!

Our presentations are centered in the Color Code Personality System developed by Taylor Hartman, PhD. Because we deal with people and personalities, our topics can be customized to fit many different Soft-Skills or EQ related topics. Some of these topics include:

  • Team Building
  • Interpersonal Relationship Skills
  • Communication Strategies
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Leadership/Management
  • Customer Service
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Dating/Couples/Parenting
  • Etc., (many other topics can be customized upon request)

Past customers describe our presentation style as "fresh, new, extremely enlightening, and highly engaging".

If this sounds like the kind of training you are looking for, please fill out the form on the left-hand side of this page, and we will have someone from our Training Department get in touch with you to talk about your needs.

Keynote Speaking

We routinely provide speaking services to large conferences in need of Keynote Speakers and/or Break-Out Session Facilitators. We also cater to smaller groups who may be looking for a speaker to kick off a company meeting in a fresh, new way.

Our keynote speeches are usually delivered from the stage or a podium and typically run about one-hour in length, but can be expanded or contracted depending on your group's needs. We incorporate the use of fresh visuals, humor, and illustrative move clips (time-permitting).

Our speakers are very comfortable addressing groups of thousands of people down to groups of just a few. In terms of performance, they are almost always the very top-rated presenters at each of their respective venues.

Training for My Team

Much of the work that we perform is in the facilitation of workshops and team building events for private clients. Many of these presentations take place in relatively small groups.

Leading up to the actual event, we spend time to coordinate specific objectives/desired outcomes with the team leader(s) to ensure that each presentation exactly fits the client's needs. We also invite participants to take our Color Code Personality Assessment prior to the session. We use visuals during the workshop such as name tags with a Color Coded pie chart display and/or colored wristbands, etc., so that participants can quickly apply what they are learning to help improve specific relationships within the group.

Team workshops typically are structured around a half- to full-day schedule, though the time frame may be shortened if necessary. These presentations are highly engaging as we incorporate the use of visuals, humor, appropriate movie clips, and even hands-on activities and competitions to ensure that we maintain the group's peak level of interest at all times.

Online Workshop

While our Keynote Speaking and Team Building workshops are experienced by groups, we do from time to time offer public events for individuals. These typically take place online to allow people from all parts of the world to participate.

Some of our online workshops are presented as half-day programs and individual participants are invited to join in via a live webinar. Participants receive materials prior to the online workshops which include items such as Workbooks, Code Cards, our Personality Assessment, and an Audio CD. Those materials are used during the course of the presentation.

Other workshops may take place over the span of several weeks in 60-90 minute sessions with homework assignments in between.

If you are interested in being notified of upcoming online workshops for individuals, be sure to submit that information through the form in the left-hand margin of this page.

Trainer Certification

Our Trainer Certification Course is designed for organizations who want to teach the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop internally as a way of bringing fresh, relevant content into their learning programs at very reasonable pricing.

In a two-day Trainer Certification Course, we will train a trainer from your team to deliver the Color Code workshop for you internally.

We also allow individuals to certify to teach the Color Code as Independent Trainers. Certified Independent Trainers are able to teach the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop - our flagship course - for profit in a variety of industries.

All trainers receive a copy of our Facilitator Guidebook, PowerPoint presentation, team building activities, access to our online administrative "Trainer Tools" area, etc.

We regularly host free, "Trainer Certification Preview" webinars for those interested in Color Code Trainer Certification Course. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming preview webinar, please fill out the form on the left.

Partial Client List

When you decide to work with the Color Code, you will find yourself in very good company. The following list contains the names of a few of the clients we have been honored to work with over the years. While this list showcases the names of clients with more recognizable brands, please keep in mind that we offer programs to support businesses of all sizes:

  • Kroger
  • Microsoft
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • University of Phoenix
  • Marriott
  • Nordstrom
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Wachovia
  • Raytheon
  • Lockheed Martin
  • 3M
  • The Internal Revenue Service
  • The United States Air Force
  • Wells Fargo
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Bath & Body Works
  • ...and many others.

Training Testimonials

The Olson Company – America’s Builder of the Year
“Thank you for spending time with our business units. The progress we are making is exceptional. The positive teamwork has not only translated into a better work environment, it has significantly increased our bottom line. Our four business units are forecasting a net income increase of $4,500,000 – more than 80%!”
Mark Buckland, President
“I think your visit enhanced Nordstrom’s image as an employer. It amazed me how many followers you have in our stores. I wanted to pass on just a few of the comments I heard: ‘I wish we had more time for him to speak…maybe a two-day session,’ ‘This helped me more than you’ll ever know. Now I know why I am the way I am,’ ‘It was perfect, but I think I could have stayed all day, it was so interesting,’ ‘It will help me related to and approach my crew better,’ ‘Best training we’ve ever had!’ Believe me, I could go on and on. To state the obvious, you were a hit!”
Lisa H. Glade – Director of Personnel & Training
Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
“Thank you so much for your Color Code presentation. The post seminar evaluations confirmed not only the need for identifying communication differences, but the high degree of interest to the participants. Your presentation received excellent ratings. You can be assured your lecture was stimulating and provided not only a “take home” message, but valuable techniques as well.”
Nancy Helton – Program Chairman
E.C. Murphy, Ltd.
“Your keynote address to our conference participants was extremely effective! Setting the stage in such a ‘colorful’ way for the discussions of redesigning the work of health care was a perfect balance to strike. Everyone appreciated your message, and the manner in which it was delivered. I hope the rave reviews of all involved communicate the fact that you played a major role in this hugely successful conference. Thank you!”
Jayne A. Felgen, Senior Vice President
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
“I am happy to endorse The Color Code as one of the best workshops our chapter has ever conducted. The content and quality of education was excellent and extremely relevant to our professional and personal lives. It has now been over a year from the workshop and people are still talking about the experience and are still applying what they learned daily. Trust me, if you don’t take the opportunity to host this workshop, you will be missing out.”
Karen Cascaddan, RN, BSN, CNOR – General Co-Chair, AORN Ann Arbor MI Chapter
Share Our Selves
“Thank you to you and your staff for presenting The Color Code. Our staff is now practicing different communication skills based on how their co-workers and clients process information and they are seeing remarkable results in the form of better cooperation and productivity. Staff morale has greatly improved and spontaneous functional teams are developing to work together towards common goals. We’ve tried other programs before such as Meyers Briggs or DiSC, but they cannot begin to compete nor can they deliver the types of results that we have seen in working with MOTIVE and The Color Code.”
Therese DeGroot – Chief Operating Officer
Dilday Brothers
“I am convinced that The Color Code method is an excellent tool for sales and should be employed in training all marketing personnel.”
R. Burr Dilday, Owner
Rocky Mountain Home Care
“During the past fourteen years as a health care administrator I have taken university courses, been to numerous seminars and read countless books about management, communications and leadership. From each of these I would find bits and pieces of information and insight. Color Code and Character Code (Color Your Future) are filled from beginning to end with profound and meaningful principles that have positively influenced the way I deal with people every day and in every situation. At this time, I manage three hundred employees located in four different states. These books have provided me with the tools to be a more successful manager.”
Diane Giles – Administrator
Educational Resources Training and Development
“As an educator and consultant within the heath care field I have witnessed the success of Color Code workshop participants as they learn to communicate more effectively within the community and workplace. Employee—employer relationships take on a new, productive direction and people in general begin to recognize their own value and self-worth. I feel that all individuals deserve to become familiar with this work”
Rebecca L. Christeson
Irwin, Mathieu & Associates
“I consider myself a fairly astute and successful businessman. My successes both from a business and personal standpoint have been greatly enhanced over the past ten years as a result of the knowledge and insight I’ve gained from The Color Code and Character Code (Color Your Future). I know that anyone who comes in contact with this gift will benefit enormously from the experience.”
Robert M. Irwin II
Chandler & Brooks Creative
“I am a Marketing and Business Education instructor at Central Washington University. After reading The Color Code and applying it to virtually everyone I know, I feel that its simplicity and its motive-based perspective make it more accurate, effective, easier to understand, and therefore more practical than other inventories such as Meyers-Briggs or Strong-Campbell.”
Bill Chandler, President
“The Color Code had been a part of our new manager development program at Nordstrom for over five years and is far and away the most popular of the programs we offer to new managers. In all my years of training, I have not come across any other personality-profiling program that is better than The Color Code. It is simple and easy to remember, a must with today’s busy manager.”
Toni Benard – Training Director
Utah Valley State College
“We have implemented The Color Code into our student leadership programs now for several years, because of one reason – results!” We’ve been through DiSC and Meyers-Briggs and believe me when I say that those programs can’t even come close to achieving what Color Code can. To illustrate, through understanding and implementation of The Color Code, we have experienced a 50% decline in the instances of conflict we deal with in our office. In addition, the level and effectiveness of general communication has increased by at least 35%, and through understanding MOTIVE our leaders have been more efficient and productive by at least three times! We recommend this program to anyone who is serious in wanting to achieve bottom-line results.”
Bob Rasmussen, Dean of Students
Intermountain Health Care
“What started as a 4-hour presentation has now turned into an operating philosophy of tolerance and understanding. People on our staff are communicating better with each other because they are looking at themselves first rather than at the person with whom they are having the conflict. It has also been a great tool for the management team. We have incorporated The Color Code into hiring practices as well as into our employee evaluations. Once again thanks for everything – your training concepts are incredible and your staff is an absolute pleasure to work with!”
William Beerman – Director Patient Administration
J. C. Penney
“I want to express my enthusiasm for the results we have achieved through The Color Code. I first applied Color Coding concepts with our new hires. Because our business is sales, I have been able to show them how they can establish the needs of the customer and communicate with them more effectively. We have now presented this program to the entire territory. The response from our people has been overwhelming! They are more comfortable with themselves, with the customers, and understand more about what closing a sale is all about. Thank you Color Code for an adventure in people success!”
Marie Mosteller – Territory Training Coordinator
Zenger Miller
“Please consider this letter as a great reference for Color and Character Coding. I am acquainted with several different types of personality profiles. The Color and Character Coding system is easy to administer in its written form as well as in just talking to people. That is almost impossible using the Meyers-Briggs system. Interpretation of these Color Code findings then makes it easier to communicate both verbally and in writing. I have found that in my organizational and business dealings, the relationships that I have formed have been enhanced greatly because of Color Coding.”
J. Scott Stephenson
Rocky Mountain Care – A Health Care Management Company
“When hiring employees, The Color Code has been successful in identifying potential concerns and increasing our ability to recruit for a well-rounded team with leaders, doers, analysts, and morale boosters. I firmly believe in The Color Code and The Character Code (Color Your Future). They have both made a positive impact in my life, which is why I choose to incorporate this approach into the leadership style of my company.”
Lee R. Bangerter – President
C.T.I. Amdraft
“Ten years ago as the owner of a then-fledgling distribution business, I decided to apply to principles of The Color Code to the hiring process. We would decide in advance what ‘color’ we felt would best suit the position we had available. In my mind The Hartman Personality Profile was by far the most important part of the hiring process. It led to a group of employees that are better suited to the position they hold, resulting in people that are generally happier doing their job.”
Chuck Davis – President and CEO
The Olson Company – America’s Builder of the Year
“This letter is to thank you for the considerable impact you have had on our organization. The Color Code testing is used throughout the organization with new associates to shorten the integration time into our corporate community. We look forward to receiving your advice for years to come.”
Stephen E. Olson – Chairman
Martin J. Jaska, Inc. – General Contractors
“The Color and Character Codes teach us how to help our employees become more effective and productive so they can make a difference in the company. This powerful, revolutionary theory will change the way businesses hire, fire, and educate employees. I cannot recommend this work highly enough.”
Roger M. Jaska – Chairman of the Board
“These professional philosophies are uniquely easy to understand and simple to follow, which is a rare quality in today’s complex world. The Color Code represented for me, as I suspect for many others, a simple blueprint for guidance through the uncharted waters of life.”
Ira Jay Messing
“Since learning about The Color Code, I have been blessed with great insight into the personalities I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I have been able to use these new found abilities to my benefit when dealing with people in the business world.”
Kirk Lindahl
“The Color Code had enriched my life and hundreds of people that I have had the opportunity to teach over the last few years. I am a RED and it has been a great blessing to understand my BLUE wife and WHITE and YELLOW children as I have been able to relate in ways only made possible by my knowledge of their needs, wants, and most importantly, their MOTIVES.”
Paul R. Warner, Ed.D.
“After living The Color Code and The Character Code for the last several years, I truly believe my life and lifestyle has most definitely improved. Both of these books can and do change lives!”
Suzie Bassford
“With the tools provided by Dr. Hartman, any person can gain a much deeper understanding of innate personality and character and then use that understanding as a tool for growth and fulfillment.”
Cindy L. Collins
“The Color Code changed my life, quite literally. I have gained invaluable insight into my family, my co-workers, and myself that had I not been exposed to The Color Code, I would still be confused.”
Toni Benard – WA
“When my wife and I discovered how the differences in our personalities could be explained through The Color Code, it greatly enhanced our understanding of each other’s needs and wants. Color and Character Coding had indeed enhanced our marriage relationship. Our first four children are all different colors. Knowing this had helped us as parents communicate more effectively with all of them.”
Scott Stevenson