Unit 1
Getting Yourself
Seat time: 50 minutes

One of the greatest challenges facing teens today is personal image. Getting Yourself teaches students the difference between motive and behavior, or, why they do what they do, why they are different from their friends.

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Unit 2
Getting Others
Seat time: 50 minutes

Let’s face it: All life is about relationships: personally, professionally, and socially. Getting Others walks students through the color interactions and how they affect their day to day relationships.

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Additional Tools

The glossary of terms is a collection of the most widely used terms within the Color Code.

Download Glossary of Terms

Secondary Colors Defined

Download Secondary Colors

Filters Defined

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Self Awareness Journals

Often we are more aware of our behaviors when we are compelled to write them down. The self awareness journals have a list questions that the student must answer honestly, and hopefully, introspectively to begin their process of self-awareness.


Movie Clips

We have found that movie clips depicting personality characteristics is a powerful way to illustrate behaviors.

There are many websites that provide movie clips and trailers. It is important to read the usage rules before downloading from these sites. One website (www.wingclips.com) is dedicated to providing clips specifically to educators (secular and non-secular).

WingClips, LLC, trailers and/or short segments (“clips”) of certain motion pictures, include, but are not limited to, theatrical features, documentaries and television programming for use in teaching. The clips consist of edited clips of between thirty (30) seconds and five (5) minutes in length.

Membership to WingClips is free and we recommend that you go on to see what clips may be used as examples of Color Code personalities.

WingClips lists the videos by theme.

Red: True Grit/
Crossing the River | Brave/My Own Hand
Blue: Paul Blart, Mall Cop/
Security Training | The Break Up/12 Lemons
White: Back to the Future/
Not Good at Confrontation |
Yellow: Tangled/
Wanted Hero |




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