Social Emotional Learning or SEL is the new focus that is being emphasized in current education policies, legislation, and school programs today. Why? Emotional intelligence makes a bigger impact on a student's career, contributions, and business success than their IQ or intelligence quotient.

SEL is a process for learning life skills, including how to deal with oneself, with other relationships, and how to work effectively. SEL helps students recognize their own emotions and how to manage those feelings. In dealing with others, social and emotional learning helps develop sympathy and empathy for other people and teaches how to build and maintain positive relationships.

Color Code's Getting It! is a powerful, yet easily implemented secondary school SEL program that not only helps students identify their own needs and wants, but gives them insight into the needs and wants of those with whom they are in critical relationships. In addition, it puts into teachers' hands incredible resources for helping them understand and reach their students.

For more information on SEL and Getting It! download our white paper entitled Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Education Today.

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