Sponsorship Opportunities

You can help bring this powerful, life-affirming process to every student by sponsoring a school near you. Your return on investment couldn’t be greater. By sponsoring Getting It! in a secondary school in your community, you are providing the future leaders of your community with a tool that will help guide them through the most challenging years of their lives. The students, parents and teachers will see your company banner every time the Color Code personality assessment is taken.

In addition, as a part of your sponsorship package, Color Code will provide your company with the same tools to help your employees become more successful at communication and interpersonal skills, reducing employee conflict and eventually increasing your bottom line.

We hope that you are interested in this high-profile opportunity to advertise your business, while supporting a school in your area with this outstanding secondary school program. We would be happy to answer any questions and to discuss this opportunity with you. Just fill out the information below: